• Setting ulimits in a Fedora Systemd World

    To set ulimits on a Systemd host: Don’t bother with PAM/limits.conf and simply set a custom config in user.conf.d or system.conf.d.

  • Wildcard DNS Record with UniFi Network

    How I got a wildcard DNS record in my local network for rapidly deploying services using Traefik, and Docker Compose, and a UniFi Security Gateway.

  • Hello world... again

    My last static blog project started on January 1st 2013 while I was still in college. The last update was September 27th 2014. And while Octopress was great in concept it was difficult for me to be happy with the result and keep it going with simple posts. So here we are: Seven years and one-and-a-half pandemics later. Maybe this time it’ll be different?

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